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Education Personalised through Individual Curriculum

Founded in 2014

Ahead of its time


"My son Matthew wasn't getting on at mainstream school he felt the teacher's were picking on him and bullying him so refused to go getting me into a whole heap of trouble, I walked into the hub at Southend to see if they could help me and the lady put me onto Julian who runs Epic Quest. The next day me and my son went and had a look and he liked the vibe so he went there the next day and thoroughly enjoys going there and is now enjoying learning he has now been there since 17th Nov. Thanx to everyone that runs the centre my son is enjoying his learning again.."


"Having found epic quest by googling alternative education in Southend, I can honestly say having been let down by mainstream schooling in particular the (teaching staff!) My son whom I have home educatated for one year now has become alive and happy to know he's not alone! He has gained in a very short period of time the confidence to be himself and realise that he was not a bad child but a free spirit who needed to grow! Epic quest is the only educational centre of its type in Southend and an absolute blessing for parents and children alike who are struggling with the educational system on offer!
I highly recommend this centre to all those looking to enhance their children and family's life for the better! Thank you epic quest for doing your community proud ."
Susan H

The Very Basics - Information for Parents

The philosophy of the school is to encourage children to live their own lives, and make their own decisions. The children value their independence. 
Most parents believe in our philosophy, but some parents are looking for an alternative option for their children after dissatisfaction with mainstream education. Generally, the mix of children at Epicquest is the same as at any school. Epicquest is not  for problem children. Having said that, we allow children to experience natural emotional, social and intellectual growth, often this has an extraordinary effect on self-esteem and positive personal development.


Learning at Epicquest

Epicquest is a democratic community of children and adults where issues are discussed at school meetings and children are able to listen, think, and equally contribute to decision making about their own lives. As children progress, the majority of children choose to take more responsibility within the community. Taking on roles such as: Chairman of meetingds or learning support for other children. 

Subjects offered includes:
Science - Biology, Physics, Chemistry,
Maths, English (Language and Literature)
Art, Drama, Information Technology

The specialist teachers are given a lot of independence in their classrooms, in terms of teaching method and objectives. Senior teachers are expected to be able to teach their subjects up to GCSE level.