Epicquest  is a small, friendly tuition Centre. Inspired by the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, it is our wish to create a nurturing community in which children can flourish. Epicquest recognises the relationship between all aspects of a child’s well-being and their academic achievement.




Our Philosophy

We have a commitment to nurturing and developing all aspects of the child: the intellectual, physical, emotional, creative, spiritual and social.

Small mixed-age classes allow for a personal approach to teaching with individually tailored provision leading to the student reaching their full potential. We prioritise individual ability over age and encourage children to learn from their peers. Children develop friendships across age groups and develop individually without direct comparison to peers.

Students are supported to make choices about their own learning, enabling them to take responsibility and develop independence and intrinsic motivation.

We believe in helping our students to develop socially and morally.

We promote co-operation, responsibility, reflection, compassion and self-discipline, rather than rewards and punishments.

Parents are an integral part of the Epicquest community and are involved in decision making at every level. The local community is also seen an important partner of the Centre.