Julian Esposito (Headteacher)

For many years I worked in the secondary state system. It is my aim and wish to create an environment where children can flourish and be enabled to function to full capacity in our society. With this in mind, myself and a large group of committed teachers have initiated a start to an Epicquest.

We use the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, the Dalai Lama and Jakow Trachtenberg. Children have the capacity to form their own system of understanding in all subjects. What is required is smaller classes, longer periods of learning a single subject and repetition.

I have always admired the discipline instilled by example, rather than through authoritarian power structures. I would like to continue this form of leadership. I encourage meditation, questioning and  hard work so that the children are able to fulfil their potential. 

Liam King (Biology)

Liam has his MSc Sustainable Land Management and is currently working towards his phd.

"My current interests lie in engaging people with the natural world. My background is predominately Horticulturally - oriented and I have developed my skills and knowledge in ecology and the management of sustainable eco-systems. 

I have, over the last year, been conducting workshops in environmental management and ecological analysis, combining my knowledge of environmental policies and ecological/biological systems. 

The Environmental Studies course will combine GCSE Biology and ecology and students will learn practical application of the curriculum."

Daniel Stephens (Physics/Chemistry)

Dan is our Physics and Chemistry teacher. Although Dan is still studying, he has an in-depth understanding of all the sciences and Maths, allowing him to convey this at GCSE level to the students. 

Having been at the center since it opened, he is very well known and familiar with EpicQuest.
Though Dan has a strong passion for academic subjects, he also enjoys performing in various shows and pantomimes across Essex.

Sonny our drama teacher

So for about 3 months every Thursday I teach drama all day.. 

One of my students has now started going to a drama club on Saturdays and wants to go Drama school and says he wants to be an Actor when he’s finished education. 

Another student today said that my class has saved his life and that he was depressed but he’s happy now. 

My students get better every time, we write our own plays from scratch every session, and perform for another class at the end of each day. 

The Progress has been unbelievable, I’m strict but effective and to be honest talk to them how I would an adult. 

It’s a laugh and they really inspire me to keep going

I unlock the star potential in everyone I feel I’m on this planet to get the most out of myself and my community and to make the world a better place.

Cheesy but true.

Spring water don’t do drama teachers but if they did then they’d probably be something like me. 


Brenda Phillips (English Language)

Mother, Activist, Role model. Brenda is a patient and loving English Teacher with many years experience. 

Chris Woollard (Music)

Chris has gained an Advanced National Diploma, before moving on to get his BA(Hons) Degree in Music Production and Engineering.

An experienced guitar tutor Chris has been providing one to one lessons in South East Essex, United Kingdom and also worldwide via Skype for many years.

As well as teaching, Chris also plays lead guitar in the successful function band Sidekick.